Biopsy – Need, Process and Outcomes

  • September 9, 2020 at 6:00 pm
  • This is an Online Event
  • Open

Understanding biopsy in-and-out

When a patient is diagnosed with kidney disease on the basis of a few blood tests, doctors usually recommend a biopsy. This is a procedure to extract a tissue from the kidney for analysis in order to determine the type of kidney disease, its severity, and the best course of treatment for it. Dr. Narayan Prasad will talk about the procedure involved in carrying out a kidney biopsy, why it is necessary, and provide information on how a biopsy will help in effective diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease.

Dr. Narayan Prasad, Professor, Department of Nephrology, SGPI Lucknow, is primarily an academician, with several years of research experience in the field of nephrology. He has won several national and international awards and honors in the field of nephrology, and has been associated with the SGPI since 2000. Currently, he is professor at the institute.

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