Dry & Wet Weight

  • September 13, 2020 at 11:00 am
  • This is an online event
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Understanding the science behind dry and wet weight in dialysis

Dr. Manish Mali is Consultant Nephrologist at Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital, Maharashtra. A specialist in pediatric nephrology, he has years of experience in treating CKD through dialysis and kidney transplantation, and is known for many firsts in the field or kidney transplant. Apart from his clinical experience spanning over 12 years, he also has an academic background. He is our speaker for this session, and will talk to us about dry and wet weight in dialysis.

Weight management is a crucial aspect of dialysis that requires a clear understanding in order to avoid complications resulting from fluid overload. Since there is a limit to the water that can be removed during dialysis without the risk of drop in blood pressure, patients are often unsure about how much water they can safely consume. While those with a good urine output can afford to be a little liberal with their water intake, others need to be extremely careful about the quantity of fluid consumed, so that water does not accumulate in various parts of the body, leading to complications. A number of factors are taken into consideration by the nephrologist while determining a patient’s dry weight. Similarly, the wet weight, or permissible weight gain between two dialysis sessions varies from one patient to another depending on various factors. This science behind the concept of wet weight and dry weight, and how to manage them will be discussed in detail in this webinar.

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