Q&A with Dr. Raju Balasubramaniyam

  • September 8, 2020 at 6:00 pm
  • This is an online event
  • Open

A Special Question and Answer Session with Dr. Raju Balasubramaniyam

Dr Balasubramaniam will respond to questions related to dialysis in this exclusive question and answer session to assuage fears, and seek to instill confidence in patients to manage their condition.Two earlier sessions on dialysis had doctors talking about managing dialysis and complications arising during the process. This session will cover the remaining questions related to issues of patients on dialysis, managing blood pressure and diabetes, and avoiding other complications, including questions that could not be covered earlier due to lack of time.

Dr. Raju Balasubramaniam, Senior Consultant Nephrologist at Kauvery Hospital, Chennai, is a favorite of Kidney Warriors group. He is always ready to respond to queries of members. He has nearly 20 years experience in this field of dialysis and transplant, and has performed over 500 renal transplantations. In addition to this, he has expertise in the field of CAPD, Hemodialysis and Diabetic Kidney Disease.

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