Sreya Chakrabarti

Live Life.. by Hook or Crook

Sreya Chakrabarti

I am a CKD patient for the last 29 years. However, throughout these years, I have been able to keep my creatinine in control...

Father & Daughter

Galloping Across Hurdles!

Sharad Bajpai

Hey friends, I am Sharad Bajpai from Kanpur (UP). As I turn back the pages in the book of my life, the memory of...

If I can, You can!

Paramjit Singh Sabharwal

I am a 62-year-old ESRD patient on bi-weekly dialysis for the last 16 years. In all these years, I have never been admitted to...

Leap of Faith

Seema Nair

At the age of 23, following a UTI episode, my kidneys failed. Very reluctantly, I started off on hemodialysis, which I skipped frequently, refusing...

43 years with transplant

Kishna Ram Sharma

A lifetime of self-discipline. My transplant story rewinds back to a time when life was simpler, and medical procedures such as transplants were rare...

A Fear Conquered

Shahabaj Patel

I am a 27 year old graduate engineer with a degree in Electronics and Telecom engineering, resident of Panvel, Mumbai, and a two time...

The Trekker!

Sneha Bhupati Raju

I was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome (a kidney disorder that causes your body to pass too much protein in your urine) at the age...

When God Gives a Second Lease of Life

Ravinder Sus

I am a 64 year retired Manager from State Bank of India, where I served for 36 years. It was for fifteen years that...

Kidneyversary, a word that suits my being a Donor

Mudrika Gehlot

I am a 27 year old donor to my father. We are about to complete our second kidneyversary on 7th July 2020. We are...

Surviving Against All Odds

Kamlesh Ahuja

The year was 2000; I was 20 years old. I had just completed my second year BCom and was visiting my maternal uncle. Within...

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