Non Doctors

Vasu Sandur

State Coordinator, Karnataka

"Proper guidance for people planning transplant can reduce chances of rejection"

Virendra Kumar Singhal

State Coordinator, Uttarakhand

“Rare kidney diseases with health issues need research for remedies”

Satyendra Singh Rathod

State Coordinator, Himachal Pradesh

“Kids with disease need special attention”

Sandhya Vasanthakumar

State Coordinator, Tamil Nadu

“New campaign strategies creating awareness for early diagnosis are important”

Madhab Chakraborti

State Coordinator, West Bengal

“If patients know severity of CKD, treatments will be adhered to”

Karamjeet Kaur

State Coordinator, Punjab

“Screening and early detection will spread awareness of the disease”

Jitender Chugh

State Coordinator

“Patients in real need must be helped”

Chandralekha Das

State Coordinator, Assam

“Need more meetings and seminars for spreading information on CKD”

Brijesh Gadhia

Audit & Corporate Chartered Accountant

“Patients need love and motivation to take medical treatments”

Anjali Uthup Kurian

Media Director

“Patients’ well-being and concern for caregivers' health are both crucial”

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