Insights and progressive developments in transplantations in India

The second event in our series of educational webinars on 29th August 2020, sought to educate the warriors on why transplant is the best treatment for ESRD patients. The webinar hosted by MaryAnn Manasseh, gave us an insight into the progressive development in transplantation in India. Dr. Sundar Sankaran, renowned Nephrologist from Manipal Hospitals, Bengaluru is head of International transplant services, and also founder member of various other Nephrology organizations. He explained how a transplant enables one to lead a near normal life with improved physical and mental health.

Dr. Sundar shared his knowledge acquired from 35 years of experience and described some of the interesting developments that have taken place over the years in the field of kidney transplantation. He also gave tips to take care of the grafted kidney. Dr. Sundar even touched upon the legal and ethical issues concerning the acceptance of a donor for transplant. In the second half of the session, Dr. Sundar Sankaran answered the queries of viewers. Know more about the causes of rejection of kidney transplant, the post-transplant dos and don’ts, and other common doubts with regard to kidney transplants. Is pregnancy advisable after a transplant? What procedures are involved in a second transplant? Are vaccines for Covid 19 safe for transplant patients? Watch the video below to get answers to all such queries.

Right Steps to Manage Dialysis And The Journey of a CKD Patient

KWF started its series of educative webinars on different aspects related to kidney disease, with the aim of educating patients, in order to equip them with the right information required to understand the disease, and know how to manage it. The series kick started with its first episode on 22nd August 2020, with a session hosted by our own warrior-caregiver Maryann Manasseh, who has been with us as the Voice of Patients in KWF. Dr. Avinash Ignatius, nephrologist and member of the KWF family gave a brief introduction about the setting up of KWF and its journey so far, highlighting its purpose and aims. The webinar series intends to fulfil the need to continue the activities of KWF in the background of the COVID 19 pandemic, which has put a halt to the educational events that were regularly conducted in various cities.

Our first guest speaker was Dr. Prashant Dheerendra, chief nephrologist of Dharma Kidney Care, Bangalore, a dialysis center known for providing excellent patient care.

Dr. Prashant walked us through the various stages of CKD, starting with diagnosis of the disease to dialysis, and the factors that contribute to maintaining quality of life while on dialysis. A patient will first need to accept the disease, and make certain adjustments in life to accommodate the treatment procedures, in order to live a long, happy and productive life.

Watch our video where Dr. Prashant explains these aspects in detail, to allay your fears and enable you to take the right steps at the right time to lead a positive life with CKD. When you were first told that you have kidney disease, what fears and doubts arose in your mind? Were you confused about the road ahead? Did you know how to prepare yourself to face dialysis? What issues did you encounter once you started dialysis? Questions related to these facets of the journey with CKD were raised by participants from KWF, who had the opportunity to watch the session live. If you have similar doubts and apprehensions about CKD and dialysis, watch the video below for Dr. Prashant’s responses.