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What Is Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) has been growing at a fast pace across the world. In India, this is one of the fastest growing diseases with nearly 2.2 lakhs people detected every year across all age groups. While this is alarming, there is very little valid information available to a common Indian about this disease and how to deal with it, if it comes their way. A person newly diagnosed with kidney disease especially needs a lot of guidance and emotional support to deal with the challenges and lifestyle changes that come with it.

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Kidney Warriors Foundation (KWF) was the vision of an individual, who had to face many challenges and recognized the need for a unified voice that would address every apprehension faced by a kidney patient. She invited people from 12 States to give it an All India status. KWF was founded on 20 Dec 2017, by these strong-willed family members and patients, who wanted to bring a change, having lived with this disease or having seen CKD from close quarters. KWF is a community that supports each other and raises a unified voice, to get the recognition it warrants.

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