Being Employed while having CKD

  • October 28, 2020 at 6:00 pm
  • This is an online event
  • Open

Mujahid Naqvi and Samiir explain why it is important to stay employed with CKD

The second episode of KWF’s patients’ talk-series will have Anjali Uthup Kurian in discussion with Mr. Mujahid Naqvi and Mr. Samiir Halady on being employed while dealing with CKD. The conversation will be bilingual, in Hindi and English.

Mujahid Naqvi Syed Ali is Legal Advisor on the Governing Board of KWF. He advocates welfare of kidney patients and facilitates treatment for poor patients. He is actively involved in counselling and social work, and associated with Kidney Care Foundation Society (Rajasthan).

Samiir Halady is a digital marketing professional. He is associated with Amar Gandhi Foundation, Mumbai as their Programme Director and has been involved with the cause of kidney patients for several years. He had been actively working, blogging, and following his passion for hiking and photography while being on long term dialysis. He had a transplant a year ago.

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