Kidney Warriors Foundation finishes 5 years in Patient Advocacy

  • December 18, 2022 at 12:00 am
  • Completed

On 18th December 2022 we will be hosting a Virtual Conference to continue to share knowledge on critical kidney health matters with the assistance of esteemed nephrologists.

One can look forward to insightful talks and presentations that will certainly be an eye opener for the kidney patient community.

Preventive Measures is a prominent topic on the day’s agenda. Talks by specialists in cardiology, diabetology and nephrology will bring out enough reasons to maintain health and protect the kidney.

Based on an internal survey on patients’ needs for better financial and healthcare access, we have an interesting conversation that could lead to some major outcomes in 2023.

Growing concerns of Mental Health in CKD gets our attention. We have involved a nephrologist and an international speaker to tell us what patients should expect and how they should find solace.

Some burning issues for dialysis patients are also on agenda. Managing phosphorus, keeping a long term working fistula and why Peritoneal Dialysis can be better for some people are new, engaging topics.

We invited a cross section of doctors and specialists to enlighten us on relevant topics. Young nephrologists as well as women nephrologists have found an interesting space in our annual conference plans.

All roads lead to improved measures for heath and its care in 2023.

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