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Advocacy Panel

Kidney Warriors Foundation is proud to have as partners India's leading nephrologists who help us in reaching appropriate authorities with appeals to bring about relevant policy changes

Dr Sankaran Sundar

Program Director Aster Institute of Renal Transplantation

Prof (Dr) Sanjeev Gulati

Principal Director ,Nephrology and Kidney Transplant at Fortis Group of Hospitals NCR President: Indian Society of Nephrology


Dr Urmila Anandh

Nephrologist, HOD, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Faridabad President, Women in Nephrology, India

Research & Scientific Committee

Kidney Warriors Foundation (KWF), is India’s largest patient support group for patients with kidney disease .It has a network of 5000 people including families from all over the country. This patient advocacy organisation is dedicated to the well-being of all the patients facing kidney health challenges.

Need for Patient-Centred Research

Clinicians develop research with a larger perspective that culminates in improved treatments, medications and early prevention measures. Patients’ experience specific challenges that needs to be understood, analysed, studied and explored for medical professionals to respond appropriately with possible early intervention measures to bring better long term patient health outcomes.

The research projects will focuses on areas of medical health and CKD nutrition.

About The Research & Scientific Committee

The Research & Scientific Committee has been formed by KWF to focus on areas that have long term health impact in patient and how to find early solutions. The team will be involved in selection of best design and methodology suitable for Indian conditions.


The committee of experienced nephrologists from public and private hospitals, will utilise their knowledge and experience and employ available resources to make the research involvement robust. Our objective is to gain an early understanding of CKD patients’ problems and work towards advising changes that could be implemented with ease. Final outcome should improve lives of CKD in urban and rural India.

Committee Members

Dr. Arvind Conjeevaram


Dr. Arvind Conjeevaram is a Consultant Nephrologist and Head, of Dept of Nephrology, The Bangalore, SRV Agadi, and Trustwell Hospitals, Bangalore. Dr. Conjeevaram has also co-founded Bloom Value Corporation, an AI-driven Hospital Optimization Solutions.

Dr. Arvind has published 32 papers in various journals and has presented more than fifty. He has kindly agreed to be the Chair of the research group.

Dr Radha Sundaram

Chief Advisor

Dr. Radha Sundaram MBBS MRCP FRCA DICM FFICM is a Consultant in Intensive Care and Anaesthetics at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley. Until April 2023, she was the Regional Advisor for training in Intensive Care Medicine for Scotland. She is a Clinical Lead for Organ Donation in Scotland for diversity and inclusion and works with NHS Blood and Transplant, the Scottish Government, and Kidney Research UK to promote awareness about organ donation.

Dr. Radha has been a co-investigator for trials in ICU with many publications to her credit. She has agreed to be Chief Advisor and promote our research for international participation.

Dr. Vivek Kumar

Convenor & Administration Support

Dr Vivek Kumar is an Associate Professor of Nephrology at the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh, and is included in the committee for his extensive experience as a faculty member since 2011. His research includes epidemiology and outcomes of chronic kidney disease (CKD) and community-acquired acute kidney injury. He was instrumental in setting up and managing the Indian Chronic Kidney Disease (ICKD) cohort study, which will be the largest prospective cohort of CKD patients in India.

Dr Vivek has kindly agreed to be the Convenor and provide administration assistance for the group.

Dr. Divya Bajpai

Methodology, Design & Questionnaire

Dr. Divya Bajpai is a member of the executive council of the Indian Society of Organ Transplant and a professor in the Department of Nephrology at King Edward Memorial Hospital and Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College, Mumbai. She is also an associate editor of the Indian Journal of Nephrology, a position that speaks volumes about her experience and expertise in this medical field. Dr. Divya has published over 40 national and international journal and book chapters. Along with Dr Anupama , Dr Divya will advise and guide the development of content for questionnaires and survey.

Dr Anupama Shimoga

Methodology, Design & Questionnaire

Dr Anupama Y. J., is a Consultant Nephrologist at Nanjappa Hospital in Shivamogga, Karnataka. Among her various interests, she is keenly interested in the epidemiology of Chronic kidney disease (CKD) and CKD of unknown etiology (CKDu). She has been involved in the design and conduct of several population-based research studies in villages of Shivamogga district on the prevalence of CKD and cardiovascular risk
factors and a study on the association of heavy metals and pesticides with CKD. Along with Dr Divya , Dr Anupama will advise and guide the development of content for questionnaires and surveys.

We are in this together!

Kidney Warriors Foundation volunteers from various sectors came forward during < COVID-19 lockdown to support patients get timely dialysis, medication, essentials and transport.

Covid19 – We are in this together!


Kidney Warriors Foundation (KWF) was the vision of an individual, who had to face many challenges and recognized the need for a unified voice that would address every apprehension faced by a kidney patient. She invited people from 12 States to give it an All India status. KWF was founded on 20 Dec 2017, by these strong-willed family members and patients, who wanted to bring a change, having lived with this disease or having seen CKD from close quarters. KWF is a community that supports each other and raises a unified voice, to get the recognition it warrants.



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Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) has been growing at a fast pace across the world. In India, this is one of the fastest growing diseases with nearly 2.2 lakhs people detected every year across all age groups. While this is alarming, there is very little valid information available to a common Indian about this disease and how to deal with it, if it comes their way. A person newly diagnosed with kidney disease especially needs a lot of guidance and emotional support to deal with the challenges and lifestyle changes that come with it.


Their feedback drives us to continually improve and provide the best possible Serivices. We're honored to have earned the trust of people and look forward to serving you with the same dedication and excellence.


we strive to be your trusted source of knowledge and support in the world of kidney health. Our commitment to providing you with the latest news, research findings, and expert insights remains unwavering.


The Kidney Warriors

Are you a patient? Are you a caregiver? – then , this is a book that will boost your morale. Kidney Warriors, is a compilation of brave and inspiring stories, that opens the door to understanding various facets of kidney diseases – medical, social/familial, psychological and economic.




Fight for Life

This book describes how accidentally at the age of 25, during a routine checkup Shantanu discovers that he suffers from ADPKD, a Kidney disease without a cure. How it affects him mentally to know that he may not live long, as told by his Doctor at that time.




Shades of Life

A mother’s journey through her son’s ailment & treatment. Through the battery of tests required for the transplant, she was detected with a tumor. Not one to shy away with such a simple scare as Cancer, she made sure she got fit to Donate.




Nutritional Secrets — Diets & Recipes

Nutritional Secrets, an offering from KWF is an essential Nutrition & Diet handbook for people in various stages of kidney disease. The book is researched & developed in consultation with senior dietitians and nutritionists from various hospitals of the country.




COVID19 — Building of a crescendo

The coronavirus raised its hood in advanced countries in Europe and the United States of America sometime in December 2019. In early March, when travel restrictions were being applied, foreseeing […]




Kidney Disease: Facts and Trends

Our Foundation attempts to question patients currently engaged in some kidney treatment to arrive at some conclusions. One can safely lay the blame to low awareness of kidney disease and treatments leading to psychological, financial and sociological aspects in defining this population which needs to be published.




KWF’s New Webinar Series

All through its three years of work, while Kidney Warriors Foundation has been helping people diagnosed with kidney disease in various ways, we have consistently believed that being diagnosed with […]