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All through its three years of work, while Kidney Warriors Foundation has been helping people diagnosed with kidney disease in various ways, we have consistently believed that being diagnosed with kidney disease is not the end of life. A patient should not stop living, and should not give up, but fight back as a warrior. The best way to do this is to know the disease, catch early signs, and know how to manage it, so that one can live life in the best way possible. 

Taking a significant step towards helping people in these two aspects, we have planned a webinar series. These webinars will be held every weekend and will be one of two types:

Engage the child in you

A fun and frolic event that will encourage patients and caregivers to come forward and share their talent with the KWF family. We invite singers, dancers, painters, storytellers and people with a good repertoire of jokes, and all those people who wish to spread joy. The sessions will be in the form of an antakshari, or a live talent show, or just a chit-chat where people can join and let their hair down over some light-hearted banter. We also intend to have doctors join us, but not in the usual way we are accustomed to interact with them. They will not be talking about disease or medicines or reports, but engaging in casual conversation with one and all. This will be our way of telling everyone – Live your life, do what you love, enjoy yourself.

The Warriors Journal

This is where we will feature the second aspect of our philosophy – Know the disease to fight it better. These webinars will be educational lectures or interviews, where doctors, dieticians and dialysis technicians will deal with the not-so-common and trickier aspects of the disease, seeking to equip patients with information on topics of importance to them. Topics covered will include ‘Understanding weight management on dialysis’, ‘Managing blood values Post-Transplant’, etc.  These webinars will be in English initially, and will be extended to include Hindi and other regional languages to reach patients across the country. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions to our specialist guests.

Our sessions are free events currently, and do not require any registration for participants. Information about the upcoming webinars will be updated on the Upcoming Events section of the website. The webinars will be held on Zoom; hence, you would need to make sure you are able to access a Zoom meeting on your device of choice. If you need help in learning how to do that, you may refer to this link.

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