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I am a 62-year-old ESRD patient on bi-weekly dialysis for the last 16 years. In all these years, I have never been admitted to hospital for a single day. This is only because of my positive approach to dealing with CKD. I am not a diabetic, my blood pressure is almost normal, and I have maintained all my parameters at normal levels.

My kidney failure happened due to multiple stones in kidney which were removed but both kidneys shrunk slowly. As urine output stopped, l had to start dialysis. I ride my scooter and go for dialysis and come back riding myself. Doctors are puzzled with me. I am a positive man and I never ever thought about transplant. Let’s see how long l can go.

Kidney failure is a system failure. It can be dealt with if you make up your mind to react positively. When you think positively, your brain automatically instructs all other organs to work in a positive way. If you go towards negativity all other organs malfunction and hence organ failure picks up thereby leading to downfall and the patient begins to sink. Make up your mind to fight back; you can live without kidneys. That’s what I have done! When l can live without kidneys for 15 years why can’t others?

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