Nutritional Secrets Diet Video Series: Potassium in CKD

Potassium – The ‘King’ by Suneetha Rao, Chief Dietician, NU Hospitals, Bengaluru

Potassium is an important mineral, and a key component of diet, that has various functions. The most important function of potassium is regulating the heartbeat. Abnormal potassium level will require immediate management with medication, while long term management can be done by modification in diet.

Ms. Suneetha gives the potassium content in various food groups, and in the vegetables and fruits commonly used in the Indian diet, which has been sourced from the Indian food composition table published by ICMR. The video explains how much potassium a kidney patient is allowed, the process of ‘leaching’ to reduce potassium in foods, and also the foods to be completely avoided.

To watch more informational videos in this series, visit our Diet Videos page.

You can also read or download the book, Nutritional Secrets for free.

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