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Our first major effort to raise awareness among nephrologists, policy makers, people involved in renal healthcare and society at large materialised with our book – The Kidney Warriors. For the first time people knew  that this  disease was beyond dialysis and transplant, it was a humane story for families dealing with a member inflicted with CKD. 

In the book, 56 people have spoken about their personal challenges with chronic kidney disease,. An insight into 13 very rare conditions, which  lead to kidney failure,  which created  an  urgency to understand kidney disease better, by patients and families. They belong to small towns and cities within the 16 states of India. A collection of unique personal stories of victory and loss made insignificant by the sheer magnitude of the disease. 

A small section has been written by senior nephrologists, with valuable  medical information, enhancing the potential value of the book as a treatise. This was a feather in our caps, since we introduced an interactive platform via Facebook,  bringing reality onto the new age social platform.

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