Nutritional Secrets Diet Video Series: Sodium in Kidney Disease

Sodium – the Key Trouble Maker by Uma Maheswari, Consultant Dietician

This video deals with the relationship between salt and kidney disease and how restricted salt intake can help maintain kidney function in patients with CKD.

Ms. Uma describes the problems caused by excess sodium and how to regulate sodium levels in the blood by controlling the intake of salt. She demonstrates how salt can be measured to restrict its intake, and shows how the right quantity of salt can be used to make food tasty. Ms. Uma cautions us to read the labels of packaged foods to understand the quantity of sodium they contain. She emphasizes the need to control sodium intake to ensure kidney health, which in turn will prevent damage to the heart and lungs.

To watch more informational videos in this series, visit our Diet Videos page.

You can also read or download the book, Nutritional Secrets for free.

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