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HLA and Antibodies

Our third event, the first one in Hindi, was on a highly specific area related to the preparation for kidney transplantation. This episode was hosted by MaryAnn Manasseh who was joined by Harshit Bhatia, a transplant recipient and member of KWF.  In this episode, Dr. Amit Langote, Nephrologist at Apollo Hospital, Mumbai, educates us about HLA and Antibodies and the role they play in transplant.

This topic which is unfamiliar to most of us is explained in easy and simple terms by Dr. Amit, who compares HLA matching to the process of horoscope matching and its importance in matchmaking before a marriage is fixed. Understand the important factors taken into consideration while deciding the compatibility of a donor kidney, why it is important to match the 6 important HLA among the 12 HLAs, and also how the presence of antibodies makes a transplantation difficult.

Dr Amit guides us through the process of cross matching by providing very easy examples and gives us hope about finding the perfect match. He answers various questions regarding factors to be considered in case of a second transplant, how to avoid the increase of antibodies, and how to reduce these antibodies. To know the answers to these queries, and to know what is more important in case of transplant, a better HLA match or less PRA, watch the video below.

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