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An informative exchange of questions and answers on various kidney issues with Dr. Balasubraniam

As kidney warriors, we are often plagued by many doubts and worries. Due to lack of time or resources, we may not get a chance to get them addressed during our routine doctor appointments. In this fifth episode of the Kidney Warrior educational series, we got a unique opportunity to get answers from Dr. Raju Balasubramaniyam to several pertinent questions. The exclusive question and answer session was hosted on 8th September 2020 by KWF, and moderated by Maryann Manasseh and Shantanu Saha.

The discussion covered a wide range of topics such as the feasibility of ABO incompatible transplant, side effects of tacrolimus, managing medication changes, exercise after transplant and Covid-19 among kidney patients. Some of the issues and doubts that we have could be unique to each individual, but there are many that are commonly faced by many patients. Dr. Raju addressed the worries of kidney patients with increased creatinine levels after recovering from Covid-19. He also recommends factors to be considered while narrowing down a live kidney donor. How can we avoid acute rejection and prolong the life of a transplanted kidney? Tacrolimus absorption levels can be highly unpredictable. Why does the tacrolimus level keep changing? What are the factors to be considered for a transplanted patient to become a parent? Watch the video to get a better understanding of various aspects of kidney disease.

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