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Carbohydrates and Proteins – Macronutrients by Shalini Arvind, Clinical Dietician, Fortis Hospital, Bengaluru

In this video, Ms. Shalini describes the complementary role of carbohydrates and proteins, the foods that constitute the larger portion of a meal. While carbohydrates generate energy, proteins build the muscles and cells in the body.

The requirement of protein varies in different stages of CKD and dialysis. In early CKD, a low protein diet is advised, while the requirement changes when on dialysis. Ms. Shalini explains with a flow chart the concept known as ‘protein sparing’, wherein consuming sufficient quantity of carbohydrate helps to spare proteins for the body’s regulatory function. She lays down rules for deciding the right portion, and the need for choosing high quality protein to maintain health and avoid malnourishment.

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