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Kidney warriors speak about their life experiences with CKD

Patients with CKD, undergoing dialysis, or post-transplant, have to deal with various issues and complications related to disease management. While health issues assume priority, dealing with work related matters, concerns about a career, managing finances, etc. are also issues that require equal attention. Being able to successfully strike a balance between all these will ensure a happy and stress-free life, keeping one motivated to remain active and productive in spite of kidney disease. 

Once diagnosed with CKD, mounting expenses are a concern as they can be a drain on one’s finances. Many patients can benefit from information regarding employment opportunities, advice from patients who have been able to manage a career while getting quality treatment for their specific condition, and suggestions on how to find opportunities to become financially independent. KWF has been sensitive to the requests from various members for information on avenues for employment. We are starting an event with a series of talks involving members who will share their experiences of how they have successfully managed and continue to manage their treatment while being employed. Some of the participants are long term transplant or dialysis patients.

Our speakers include:-

  • Harshit Bhatia, Transplant Recipient, Chandigarh
  • Naval Joshi, Transplant Recipient, NCR
  • Mujahid Naqvi, Transplant Recipent, Rajasthan
  • Samiir Halady, Transplant Recipient, Maharashtra
  • Anand Lal Banerjee, Transplant Recipient, Uttar Pradesh
  • Kamal Shah, On Dialysis, Telangana

The series will be hosted by Anjali Uthup Kurian (Kerala) and Maryann Manasseh (Tamil Nadu), both caregivers.

In the first episode, Naval & Harshit lead you through ideas on keeping busy apart from CKD and set the stage for the rest of the series, in which Samiir, Mujahid Naqvi, Kamal Shah and Anand Lal Banerjee speak about Employment & Finance issues with CKD and their solutions.

Get the details and schedule of each event on our Upcoming Events page.

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