Health Awareness Events for Rural Women

Women across India, living in rural areas face similar issues: Long working hours, poverty, financial constraints, illiteracy, lack of proper hygiene, unconcerned husbands, and medical complications. Poverty, illiteracy and lack of medical facilities inhibit women from reaching out to the nephrologist in time, thus delaying treatment. Their faith in local quacks proves to be a major hindrance. A vital issue is the marriage of young girls who have been afflicted by the disease. Questions of who will marry them, will they survive, will they concieve? – form an endless list. KWF has started campaigns towards creating awareness amongst these women. 

In this context, Karamjeet Kaur, state coordinator, Punjab, has initiated Kidney awareness programmes. On 22nd May 2018, an event was organised for the village women at Tibbi Sahib, Rupnagar, with the help of the Gurdwara Sahib management. The women worked long hours under the sun, leading to issues regarding their personal hygiene, and dehydration. They admitted that they went long hours without drinking water, and holding back their urine, due to lack of toilet facilities. Karamjeet Kaur explained to them the importance of personal hygiene, drinking clean water, hydration, and related topics. Lack of these precautions lead to pain while passing urine, urinary tract infection, and might lead to serious kidney diseases. She also gave them details of the nearest primary health care centre where they could get proper help and guidance. Another event for women in the village of Lang district, Patiala was held on 22nd Nov 2018. They had the same issues as the women in Tibbi Sahib. They were also instructed about personal hygiene and made aware of related health issues.

On 22nd June 2020, the day of her 2nd Transplant Anniversary, Rajshree Minakshee Dave  was invited by the Ahmedabad based NGO, Gramshree, to talk on Women’s Health and Urine Infection to an all-women audience. The session was delivered by Dr. Hari Shankar, Nephrologist, IKD&RC (Smt. G R Doshi and Smt. K M Mehta Institute of Kidney Diseases and Research Center, and Dr. H L Trivedi Institute of Transplantation Sciences) Rajshree took the opportunity to talk to women about the importance of drinking water and keeping kidneys flushed. This would protect their kidneys from urinary infection. She explained how, if faced with urinary infection, it was advisable to go to the doctor and get proper treatment, since repeated infections would harm the kidneys. The group appreciated the experienced guidance of Rajshree.

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