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Understanding Biopsy in-and-out

An interesting webinar on the diagnostic procedure known as biopsy was held on September 9, 2020. The guest speaker for the event was Dr. Narayan Prasad, Professor, Department of Nephrology, SGPI, Lucknow, and the event was moderated by Maryann Manasseh and Mr. Anand Lal Banerjee. Dr. Prasad interacted with participants in Hindi and English, explaining in minute detail, going into all the intricacies of the need, process and outcome of a kidney biopsy. He began by showing a video of a biopsy procedure being carried out to demonstrate the precision with which it is conducted.

Explaining the need for a biopsy, Dr. Prasad established that a clinical diagnosis is not always comprehensive or conclusive, whereas a biopsy can give a clear picture of the nature of a disease and whether a condition is treatable or not, which is crucial for the management of the disease. For post-transplant patients, a biopsy is done to identify causes for rejection and follow up with treatment if the condition is reversible. Doctors take all precautions and make adequate prior preparations to ensure that there are no complications during or after the procedure. Is a biopsy necessary for you? Will you benefit from it? Is it painful? Why is it not prescribed for all kidney patients? Watch the video to understand why a biopsy is an effective tool for diagnosis, because awareness can help to dispel all your doubts and fears regarding a biopsy.

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