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Kidney Warriors Foundation is grateful to have some huge hearts willing to help. Our initiatives would not have been successful without their contribution. If you feel inspired by them, please donate to help our cause. Donations made to Kidney Warriors Foundation are eligible for tax exemption under section 80G.

Surendra Kumar

“Since 2017 I have been suffering from CKD and am now, since 2019 on dialysis. I fully empathize with the people who suffer from CKD – and the challenges they face, in terms of physical, emotional and financial impact. I am associated with Kidney Warriors group who are doing exemplary work to help patients and their care givers to deal with the challenges associated with CKD.”

Surendra Kumar
Former Citibank’s senior management member of the consumer business.
Entrepreneur, and financial services consultant in the banking industry.

Dr. Bhooma Parthasarathy

“The families of those affected by kidney disease have come together to fight kidney disease and aid one another. As the Foundation is founded, nurtured and grown by them, they will ensure that the mission is well served. The doors of the Foundation would be open to offer care and support for the affected individuals and their families. Drawing on the experiences, learning and support from other families in a similar situation will strengthen foundation. Medical care is important but with these pioneering efforts the focus shifts from purely medical care to holistic care for kidney patient and their family. Such community support needs to be strongly encouraged. This should become a worldwide movement to reach out to all those who are affected by kidney disease.”

Dr. Bhooma Parthasarathy Ph.D.
Thirumalai Charity Trust

Dipika Naval Joshi

“My husband and I have been through so many ups and downs in the CKD journey. The work KWF is doing by helping the needy ones is well defined and has direct impact on the patients’ journeys, by way of information, financial and bonding. When we crossed our hurdle we should not forget the ones who are less fortunate and need a little help. We are so glad to be able to help the community by our donations.”

Dipika Naval Joshi

Pooja Drubra

“We were prompted purely due to empathy for people who are suffering but do not have means to get a good treatment. Life hasn’t been fair to either of us affected with CKD but as more privileged we feel responsible to help the lesser fortunate ones to live with this disease. Our major focus has been on children who have not been able to receive proper treatment due to financial constraints.”

Pooja Drubra

Ramabhadran Thirumalai

“I have donated to KWF a few times in the past few years. I have noticed KWF has worked hard to bring kidney patients together and managed ​to​ help ​those in dire need of financial help and support. I’ve ​also ​seen how kidney problems affected my cousin. I believe the kidney is a vital organ that needs a lot of support from society.  “

Ramabhadran Thirumalai
Associate Professor of Finance (Practice),
Deputy Dean,
Programmes and Deputy Dean,
IBS, Mohali campus.

“KWF has done pioneering work in building awareness towards the challenges faced by kidney patients and in reaching out to support them. It is conceived and led by a mother who saw her young son face these challenges and resolved to galvanize their combined learning to serve others”

Corporate Donor, KWF

“My cousin who was undergoing dialysis passed away last year. She was awaiting kidney transplant. I am trying to do my bit in her memory.”

Anonymous Donor, Mumbai

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